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Muslim families need a connected, clean, safe and fun environment with practical solutions for our success and success of our new generation. With this idea, Rimici “ONE Source” designed, build and operate the first secure cloud infrastructure and platform for Muslim families and businesses. Muslim Family Governance Framework is a risk management approach based on industry best practices, methodology and processes to help manage risks and enable us for a risk based decision making in our  communication, activities and engagement.


Successful future belongs to those who build its secure cloud infrastructure and sustainable programs and solutions. With this in mind, Rimici “ONE Source has created next generation secure cloud infrastructure and practical solutions. These capabilities are operated, optimized and maintained through industry best practice processes, expertise and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The result is minimizing noise, while enabling dedicated solutions tailored for each family and business to meet their needs and enable success. Rimici “ONE Source” has accomplished this vision by designing, implementing and operating the first Muslim Family Governance Framework. The Governance Framework has excellent programs and solutions focused in respective domains while elastically integrated and aligned to meet Muslim Families and Businesses present and future requirements and risk management.


Values of Rimici “ONE Source” is straight-forward, clean and simple. Be part of Rimici “ONE Source” and its solutions by doing Zikr and working through the established processes and workflow. Only communicate when we are contributing good quality solutions, improving solutions and making sure that our communication has positive, caring and respectful tone for our members and our environment. Fear of Allah Subhan O’ T’ala by ensuring protection of our tongue is the foundation of Rimici Values.
Overall values of Rimici “ONE Source” is the Sunnah and Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Following and adherence to the Sunnah and Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is our goal and our success in this life and here after.

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